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Center for Emerging, Zoonotic, and Arthropod-borne Pathogens     Journal Club

TUESDAYS 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm, Fralin Auditorium

Special Study: Critical Analysis of Infectious Disease LIterature GRAD 5984 CRN 91991 FALL 2022

Course Leaders: James Weger-Lucarelli & Ann Stevens 

This fall we are excited to offer a formal literature course, GRAD 5984, Special Study: Critical Analysis of Infectious Disease Literature, a 1 credit course on Tuesday at 12 - 1:45 pm where students will gain skills in interpreting primary research, critical thinking, working as a team, discussing scientific concepts, and constructive criticism of research.  The primary literature for review will be in the general topic of the weekly CeZAP seminar or written by the weekly CeZAP seminar speaker. While this class is for the first year students, all are welcome on a voluntary basis and encouraged to attend. Please contact James Weger or Ann Stevens to be added to the course Canvas site to have access to the papers being discussed each week.  

SyllabusGRAD5984 special study_LitRevF2022.pdf