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ID IGEP Frequently Asked Questions

Information about ID IGEP program-specific requirements:

  • A holistic approach will be used to review applicants
  • 3.0 GPA or higher required
  • GRE not required, but TOEFL required for non-native English-speaking applicants
  • Letters of recommendation required (those from academic or research mentors are particularly helpful)
  • Applicants should indicate in their personal statement their top choice(s) of research mentors and the college affiliation of those individuals

Applicants are encouraged to reach out directly to potential faculty mentors via Email or phone

Application review will begin December 15th, annually.

Complete the graduate school application for the ID IGEP program and indicate your top choices for faculty mentors: CeZAP Faculty List

To apply click here.
The link above will take you to the Virginia Tech Graduate School application, which you will need to fill out. When you come to the place where you are asked to indicate “Program of Study”, please select “Infectious Disease IGEP” from the drop-down list.

Graduate School IGEP Booklet

Students will be guaranteed funding through their first academic year (August through May) from the ID IGEP program. Support includes a living stipend (Step 15), tuition waiver and health insurance. This program is jointly funded by the Provost, Graduate School and the participating colleges. 

Funding does not cover comprehensive fees. 

After their first academic year, continued funding for students in the ID IGEP may come from external grants to their major advisors, teaching assistantships, student-initiated grant proposals, or other funding sources, but the major advisor and the student's home department will have committed to providing continuing funding beyond the first academic year, contingent on satisfactory student progress.

In order to ensure a good fit between the ID IGEP student and the major advisor, and to help build cross-campus collaborations, every ID IGEP student is required to participate in three four-week rotations during their first fall semester on campus. 

Students will gain valuable technical skills during their three different lab rotations and they will develop professionally by giving oral presentations to the ID IGEP community at the end of each rotation period. Students will match to the laboratory of their major PI by the end of the fall semester, join the department of their PI and earn their degree in that department.

Prospective students should indicate the PI whose lab they wish to rotate with on their application. The list of faculty can be found HERE

There are three courses required of all ID IGEP students during their first fall semester (specific course numbers will be provided during a summer orientation meeting prior to the start of the fall semester):

1. Lab Rotations Course (1 credit, P/F grade)

2. CeZAP Distinguished Speakers Seminar Series course (1 credit, P/F grade)

3. Critical Analysis of Infectious Disease Literature course (1 credit, P/F grade)

Students will also select at least one A/F graded course in an appropriate topic area in consultation with the ID IGEP co-directors and their lab rotation PIs. 

Once students join a research group under a specific PI, they become affiliated with the department and college of the PI. The student will therefore take additional courses required by their home college/department/lab and will earn their degree from that department. Students  will have all of the same rights and responsibilities as other students in their home department.

Fee Waivers will be issued upon request of faculty.  If you have communicated with a possible faculty mentor and they express interest in your application then we will waive the application fee if they request it. You can find the list of faculty in the Infectious Disease IGEP here: