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Thematic Areas

With research expertise in 11 different thematic areas, the CeZAP affiliated faculty tackle comprehensive and complex problems in infectious diseases through interdisciplinary team approaches including engineering, social, biomedical, veterinary, medical, and plant sciences.

CeZAP Monthly Thematic Area socials

Come gather with the CeZAP community at our monthly Thematic Area Socials. A different thematic area will be highlighted each month, but the socials are open to the entire CeZAP community. These socials will be an informal gathering for the CeZAP community, but also provide an opportunity for faculty, post-docs and/or students to give 3-5 minute talks about their research (within the “theme of the month”). These talks can serve to strengthen communication skills and/or facilitate collaborations. The day and time of the socials will rotate each month to accommodate the majority of people’s schedules. Lunch or snacks will be provided.

February CeZAP Thematic Social
"Zoonotic Diseases"
Tuesday, February 6, 12:00 - 1:30 pm
ILSB Room 1040 and Lobby
Lunch will be provided
Register HERE

Contact John Maurer <> or Sarah Gouger <> for more information. Check out our website for more information on the Thematic Research Areas HERE



Antimicrobial Countermeasures (vaccine and drug)

Group leaders:

Mike Zhang


Ecology and Epidemiology

Group leaders:
Kathleen Alexander
Dana Hawley


Host-Pathogen Interactions

Group leaders:
Clayton Caswell
Stephen Melville


Zoonotic Diseases

Group leaders:
John Maurer
Patrick Pithua

Public Health and Clinical Microbiology

Group leaders:
Andrea Bertke
Thomas Kerkering


Computational Biology and Disease Modeling

Group leaders:
Stanca Ciupe
Leah Johnson


Environmental Microbiology

Group leaders:
Leigh-Anne Krometis
Amy Pruden


Human Dimension of Infectious Diseases

Group leaders:

E. Thomas Ewing



Group leaders:
Coy Allen
Lijuan Yuan


Vector Biology and Vector-borne Diseases

Group leaders:
Michael Klemba
Igor Sharakhov

Pathogen Identification and Disease Diagnostic

Group leaders:
Boris Vinatzer